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Arlene Quinn coaching covers many areas
  • Anti-ageing coaching
  • Business and Professional Coaching
  • Personal life - work balance for service or sales professionals
  • Mentor coaching for coaches
  • Retirement

Because you are fully responsible for your own life and business decisions the liability for the

consequences of following a course of action is yours. The  coaching relationship

 with People Performance Plus is not therapeutic in nature or intent and does not deal with

issues where counselling or therapy may be more appropriate.

 Anti-ageing Coaching


Your age will be your secret

Anti-ageing coaching is a form of health coaching. It combines Arlene's health professional's knowledge and strategies for wellness with a deliberate enquiring coaching approach to offer the client a complete approach for their ageing journey whatever stage they are. The coaching relationship can be short term or over decades.


Anti-aging is about how to prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Over the past few generations, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours related to aging have changed. While past generations adopted a more passive, less involved view of aging, now people are taking a very active, complex, and deliberate approach to anti-aging.

Although men and women think about aging differently, both groups are motivated to look and feel younger as they age. However, the majority of anti-aging products and technologies on the market only deal with the signs of aging.


Your age is?

20-35's - these are the childbearing and child -rearing years where developing a preventative health approach now can minimise chronic disease in future years

coaching the client to maximise goal oriented approaches success; nutritional and wellness strategies are the foundation of healthy lifestyles

35-45 -generally work life-balance becomes important with the early signs of visual ageing developing, lines, winkles, cellulite, loss of hair, stressors arising from sporting injuries; work demands and personal expectations being met or unmet.

coaching the client to minimise obstacles /difficulties by focusing on realistic success oriented strategies approaches nutritional and wellness strategies build from the foundation of healthy lifestyles to add targeted products that slow down ageing processes and repair the signs of ageing.

Rise of the Boomer

Born between 1946 and 1964, there are approximately 450 million baby boomers worldwide (source: MIT AgeLab). The over-50 segment is the fastest growing global population and predicted life expectancies are historically high. In the United States, someone turns 50 once every seven seconds. Over the next few years, 50% of Europe’s population will be age 65 and older. In Italy, retirees will outnumber active workers by 2030. By 2050, the average age in Thailand will increase to 50. (Source: MIT AgeLab.) And in the U.K., baby boomers currently number 20 million and hold 80% of the nation’s wealth (source: BBC)

46-55 - for women these years are generally marked with peri-menopausal symptoms; loss of libido, memory lapses, hot flushes, tiredness;  working life decisions to leave part -time and casual work for business pursuits. for men early warning signs of chronic disease; obesity and unhealthy eating or drinking patterns emerge. Often second families evolve with accompanying financial pressures and stress.

coaching the client to work with flow of life by focusing on what areas of life have yet to be   achieved. Nutritional and wellness strategies continue to maintain a healthy individual . Keeping stress within acceptable limits, whilst targeting specific men's and women's health issues with a combination of products and lifestyle adjustments.

55-70 - advent of major chronic disorders, feeling of lack of fulfilment at work or at the peak of careers ready to work with the challenge of looking after ageing parents, empty nester syndrome combined with grand parent duties may be greater then expected

coaching the client to enjoy the freedoms that come towards the end of the working life and careers; supporting the transition to become more of a mentor than a trailblazer in all aspects of work and home life. Supporting the client to engage more with community if family support is distant or absent. Keeping an active mind, exercise and healthy eating, preventative nutritional status  with a combination of age-reducing products and lifestyle adjustments.

Anti-Aging from the Inside Out

The notion that looking youthful on the outside begins from within is influencing baby boomers. Anti-aging vitamins and supplements for health maintenance is growing at a global rate of 13% annually with over 50% projected growth from 2009 to 2015. This is fuelled by an aging population seeking to keep the signs of aging at bay. Warding off premature aging with nutrition science is fast catching on, and taking health supplements to counteract the impact of inadequate nutrition and poor diet on cellular function is becoming common.

Contact Arlene for a comprehensive and easy to keep to approach to keeping a youthful future

Arlene Quinn RN, People Performance Plus on (08) 92913665 or 0402272868 or by emailing for a confidential discussion

Arlene is a Gold Executive with Nuskin,a direct sales E-Pharmacy, that uses cutting edge technology for people who are ready to expand their lifestyle opportunities to improve their health, appearance and wealth.

Your age is your secret!

Business Coaching




Professional coaching is an on-going partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. 

Coaching is an interactive process to help individuals and businesses develop rapid productive results. Professional coaches are paid for their services. As one of a handful of professional certified coaches in Western Australia I am trained to listen and observe. I work on the uniqueness of the issues being presented to meet your objectives. Then, by eliciting solutions and strategies action is taken to best meet your circumstances.

In recommending my services to clients as a coach, you can expect them to benefit more from:


Having clearer, focused, results - driven decisions for themselves or their business.

Improved use of positive language to maximise potential

Recognise the part human relationships play in business development, and success with staff.

     Remember that smart people use a coach to share ideas with, someone  who will be objective enough not to be biased (something friends are not always able to do) or self-serving (something business colleagues are not always able to do).


Personal Coaching Results


Effectiveness Coaching gets RESULTS

59% increase in effectiveness

78% increase in level of energy

80% report they are sure or very sure the changes are permanent

88% change in the level of stress

92% obtain a new position or change the way they view their job within 4 months of coaching

97% report the material was relevant to their work and position


Retirement Coaching


Recent studies have found that the average person retires at age 59 – the first time! – and often ends up returning to work or other activities just to stay mentally sharp and feel like they’re making a contribution.  Why? Well basically the first 12-18 months have been more or less planned. You can fix up all the things around the house you have had no time for before; travel; find time to see friends; do the garden; enjoy new hobbies; look after grandchildren. Then what - long years ahead of ?

Sometimes  there can have been quite an upheaval if you have retired to the coast or holiday destination you loved, maybe even interstate across the country to be with family or retired from a good job to “retire” – and now do not like what it has to offer!

Maybe you want to start a part-time business that will keep your mental skills agile? What if you could stop the escalator of ageing to get more out of your retirement ? Perhaps your health or that of your partner over time may be cause for concern.

Arlene Quinn is a registered nurse and anti-ageing consultant who can support your choices through a 6 session package over a number of months.

Where does a retirement coach can come in?  I can help you before you ready to quit full-time work.  Together we look at the  critical factors of a satisfying retirement lifestyle – other than the financial component!  Of course, the way the client views money and “how much is enough?” comes into the equation. You can ask the questions of yourself without the judgement of employer or meeting expectations of spouse or your family  A retirement coach walks alongside you delving into lifestyle aspects that are unique to you creating a robust plan for your  senior years.


Top areas to consider

When do I need to engage a retirement coach?

When ever you are ready to look at your retirement future preferably  12-18 months before your expected date of retirement

Do you have questions around

  • your value to others in work

  • changing relationships with spouse and family

  • whether or not to move or travel – and for how long

  • shifts in personal identify

  • health issues

  • work opportunities in their many forms during retirement,

  • volunteering, and more

Contact Arlene Quinn, People Performance Plus on (08) 92913665 or 0402272868 or by emailing for a confidential discussion on is the time right for a retirement coach

 Arlene holds professional coaching qualifications of International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach and CoachU Certified Graduate (one of only 130 in the world)

What Arlene’s clients say

David Koutsoukis 0422 111 290  Professional Speaker and Trainer

 "I have worked with Arlene on a number of projects over the years and she has a great way of picking up on issues or ideas that I never would have thought of. Arlene is one of those busy people who has always listens properly and has great insights into identifying people’s needs and wants. I have great pleasure in recommending Arlene to help bring out the best out of people."
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Fiorella Martin, Life Dezign Coach, My Life Dezign

"I have personally experienced Arlene’s coaching to be insightful, caring, professional, perceptive, empowering, endorsing and truthful.  Arlene’s coaching is value based. Focused on goal setting, keeps the client focused, has great listening skills, challenging, mirroring to the client – not stepping over anything."

SWAP President WA 2005 -6 Marlene Rattigan

"Thank you once again for a sensational presentation on Wednesday.  We were all mesmerised to see a coaching session in action.   Your professionalism and generosity is a joy to experience.  I especially appreciated the time you spent with me afterwards".

Geoff Payne, Sales Manager, Freecargo Australia

"It is not often in the fast moving world of business that one meets a professional business person who actually can really do what they say they can and in an innovative and positive manner.  Arlene Quinn has done this and more for me.  I needed a boost to get me over a business problem I had struggled with for several years.  In just thirty mins Arlene had given me the inspiration, business tools and mindset I needed to work through these business problems.  I now use these techniques every time I need to make a decision.  Not only has this boosted my abilities in a business environment it has influenced several close friends and business colleagues to be better at what they do

I would recommend Arlene to ANY business person who wants or needs to grow their business, themselves, business colleagues or friends.  The time spent with Arlene is not only the best value for money I have experienced in this field, it is the most rewarding intellectual exercise I have been subjected to"

 Peggy Chiu, MCC,PCC 2005

"I have observed  Arlene coach six clients over seven (7) sessions throughout the last six months. I am highly impressed with the level of dedication and commitment that Arlene has displayed From my direct experience and observation. I have no hesitation in providing verification that Arlene upholds the principles, ethics and standards of the coaching profession, as set down by ICF and CoachU. Whilst developing a special coaching style, Arlene coached following the ethos and process as listed under the ICF core competencies. Arlene also draws in various tools, skills and training tips she are trained to delivered to her clients to augment the coaching benefits they receive from her. Arlene is ethical in identifying the different disciplinary service delivery she is bringing into her coaching. During the last six months while we worked together, I saw Arlene develop and grew to a high level of skill, confidence and professional distinction in her coaching practice" 




50 things Small Business clients most want


Get more done in less time

  • Become focused on what is important
  • Simplify life, responsibilities, projects
  • Automate systems
  • Eliminate to-dos
  • Reduce should’s, could’s, and ought’s in life

Communicate more effectively

  • Respond better
  • Ask for what you want to have
  • Improve questioning
  • Use language productively

Feel better Physically and Emotionally

  • Order things, car, office, or home.
  • Establish Reserve
  • Redesign lifestyle habits
  • Get personal needs met

Make and keep cash flowing

  • Find capital
  • Handle outgoings
  • Increase income streams
  • Stabilise cash flow

Increase quality of life

  • Establish priorities
  • Increase personal standards
  • Have more fun

Eliminate hassles of life

  • Eliminate what you are tolerating, waiting for, hoping.
  • Stop being addicted
  • Calm down: enjoy stillness

Clarify & get on a life path

  • Develop spiritual side or connections
  • Re-discover personal mission and /or business purpose


Personal Impact 

  • Be successful
  • Develop reputation
  • Manage clients better
  • Increase markets
  • Reduce costs
  • Network effectively
  • Financially successful business/practice


  • Balance “old work” with new paths
  • Use specialist models
  • Keep focused on what’s important
  • Become accredited


As a team member

  • Increase visibility in team
  • Explore Vision, Mission & Strategies
  • Handle Business Owners better
  • Improve life/work balance
  • Improve public speaking


As Leaders of other Professionals


  • Get best out of team
  • Increase productivity
  • Have more time
  • Coach others
  • Handle conflicts better
  • Get promoted
  • Increase visibility
  • Reduce workloads
  • Write better


Coaching Programs

Positive Success Strategies

Initial meetings fortnightly then every 3-4 weeks x 1 hr sessions via telephone or visit A minimum 6 month commitment is anticipated with this service. Unlimited access via telephone or Email within 24hrs

This a n Normal contract for individual & business clients seeking to make significant changes in their life or business


Jasmyn Mumme                                          Michelle Miller

Financial Crisis Recovery                        Rivers of Silk



Biz Builder Program

1 year structured program with 1 coaching session per month. Covers significant material to get your business flourishing at start up or growth stages. Unlimited access via telephone or Email within 24hrs. 

Sprint Champions Program (Exclusively for Real Estate Consultants)

14 week structured coaching program includes fortnightly coaching episodes of 40-60 minutes ( 7 in total) and uses material provided on 1 CD Rom. 7 stages of running a successful Real-Estate Business. Unlimited access via telephone or Email within 24hrs.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a form of facilitating. Coaching is not something I sell; it is something you buy because you want it. Like a consultant a coach supports you and or your business in these ways:


Coaching for results

Coaching around questions

ü       Achieve Results

ü       Solve problems

ü       Reframe goals

ü       Design a plan of action

ü       Make decisions

ü       Be curious

ü       Discover your real self

ü       Make choices

ü       Shift your way of thinking

ü       Live effortlessly


What do I expect of you

There are a few ways you can help us reach your goals quickly. You will be asked to share your thoughts and feelings and I expect you to be committed to work towards your expected outcomes.

I include a sheet for you to work out the top 3 areas you want to work on for the next 90 days. You are encouraged to complete a preparation sheet prior to our sessions

Our relationship is built on trust. I expect that you will also listen to what I say, however you always have the final decision on whether to act on my advice or not. I value truthfulness, so if something I say causes you concern or doesn’t feel right, please tell me. You have to feel satisfied that our coaching relationship is being supportive to your outcomes.


 What can you expect from me as your coach?

Confidentiality: Because of my professional backgrounds I am bound by a several codes of conduct. What you chose to do with the coaching relationship, how you are doing, and what you have accomplished, your personal secrets and things you choose to share will not be discussed or even hinted at by me to anyone else.


You can expect me to be non-judgemental. No matter what happens at our contact time I will only say things to further your life and goals. I give understanding and patience when you get upset or stuck. If you share your wins I will celebrate these with you. I will not intentionally make you wrong, criticise, complain or gossip about you.




    The benefits of having a mentor coach are:

  1. to practise coaching whilst being supported by a coach with different and advanced  skill sets to you in:


·             Professional development

Areas covered may include: Business Development, ethics, contracting, marketing, adding value and fees, client management, setting up the systems, attracting clients, speaking and presentation of self.


·             Coaching Competencies

Areas covered may include any of the 11 International Coach   Federation  competencies at any of the 3 ICF credentialing  levels.


·             Personal Development

Areas covered may include: Coaching presence, body and mind, language and actions, confidence, cleaning up you messes, reaching deeper.


Each Program is tailored to meet the individual coach client need. Arlene provides professional coaching that uses a variety of proven approaches to assess, plan, progress and reflect on the many frames of life that her coach clients bring. A complimentary 30 minute session is provided to discuss the steps forward.



·             Mentor coach hourly rates are A$200. It is anticipated that the  minimum period of coaching will be 10 hours.


·             Letter attesting to expertise for credentialing - no fee if tape – hourly fee if required to listen Face to Face including travel.


·        Special Mentor Coach rates for three months ,currently A$250.00

                  for 3x30 minute sessions per month or A$300.00 for 3x40

                  minute sessions per month for coaches who are within the first   

                   year of business. ( CoachU guidelines)


For more information about coaching or finding a coach to suit your needs, you can contact Arlene Quinn, People Performance Plus on (08) 92913665 or 0402272868 or by emailing Arlene holds professional coaching qualifications of International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach and CoachU Certified Graduate (one of only 130 in the world)