PEOPLE PERFORMANCE PLUS                                       




Business needing a boost? Sales down? Conflict in the team?

Increase Performance through Coaching

This  program consists of:

1. What is coaching? You will be introduced to the ten core competencies required to coach employees for improved performance. 

2. Thinking styles Find out which of four styles of thinking impact most on how you lead a team

3. Improving Productivity Maps out where your leadership style differs from your team members and what to do with that knowledge to improve productivity.

4. Language Techniques: Learn by using simple language techniques how you can improve team communication.

5. The terminology:  Decide if you are coaching, facilitating, educating, controlling, managing or telling and what part analysis, assumptions and inklings play when coaching employees.

6. What being a Manager coach really means? Recognise over twenty points of difference between traditional management and being a manager coach.

7. Deciding the worth of coaching. Decide whether you wish to adopt coaching methods into the way you lead others. 

8. Practice using coaching skills for each of the following:

  •  generating positive team interactions
  • increase willingness to work 
  • taking responsibility for actions
  • assertive feedback
  • generate new ideas

Arlene Quinn 2006