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Training to meet your corporate needs

A full range of training programs can be accessed  contact Arlene Quinn 0402272868 /92913665


The interactive training for self–managed teams can be provided in weekly 3 hour modules. There are 3 key themes, with each theme having 3 components of training ( 9 sessions in the total program) 

Managing Self

o        Load the silver bullet for effective communication

o        Taming Time

o        Effects of change and transition / handling your stressors appropriately

Delivering the service

o        Working collaboratively

o        Influencing and Empowering others

o        Customer relationships / working better with brokers

Results Focused

o        Creativity and Flexibility

o        Teaming with results

o        Organising the team to maximise skills and drive better results

Example of content for Results Focused Theme

Description: This program encourages participants to recognise different team behaviours and the impact they have on creating positive results based  work outcomes.

Participants will:

ž       continuously manage self and other’s performance

ž       constitute a professional image to motivate and encourage enthusiasm during change processes.

ž       maximise own and others resources and skills

ž       continuously improve processes.

ž       embrace creativity and being flexible around changing workloads

ž       give assertive feedback to senior staff and team members.


This program may involve:

·          discussion sessions.

·          Practice using different conflict resolution approaches with case studies and scenarios

·          questionnaires

·          video

·          individual coaching exercises and group sharing.

·          knowledge sessions about culture, how teams work well.

Overall this program is aimed enhancing and developing positive team behaviours

This will be evidenced by

·          an increased collective accountability and willingness to become more flexible in taking on different business activities

·          maintenance or improved team involvement to meet human and financial targets

·         greater involvement in process improvement